The Ugly Truth About Toddler Behavior Will Make You Cringe.

The Ugly Truth About Toddler Behavior Will Make You Cringe.



Before I became a mom, I was one of those ladies that would look at the sweet kids that could serve as the poster child for cute and

cuddly with the big warm smile and swear by day and night that

this would be my child in the future. When I saw the kid that was sending mom on a one-way train to temper tantrum glory, I confidently judged her parenting and said how she should do a better job of teaching her kid.

Then one day, I became a mom, and soon found that I could identify with each of those scenarios entirely.
Yes, my little one does have a warm smile that always gives me the fuzzies.

Also, yes, my kid did have the temper tantrums and yes at some point I looked like the mom who had taught their child absolutely no training.

Only, that was furthest from my reality, more so, I was like a mom in training mode, certainly just like those I’ve once witnessed in my pre-mom years.

(Spoiler alert) Training mode is a life-long stage of motherhood. Those little boogers pop a new type of behavior every few months. But don’t worry; it keeps you on your toes.

So, perhaps you’re reaching that stage. Maybe your toddler has

started their new school, or perhaps they are still home with you

or the nanny, either way, they are walking into a new phase of their little lives, and it entails a few things that weren’t there before.

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Case in point, toddlerhood is when you as a mom began to

experience another level of behavior which means it’s a new stage

of teaching and training. Toddlers, on the other hand, have not

quite grasped the understanding of boundaries. Besides, this is