Helpful Advice That Will Help You Think Twice When Choosing A Toddler...

Helpful Advice That Will Help You Think Twice When Choosing A Toddler School



I never really realized how quickly time could pass until it was time for me to measure time according to the growth f my little one. One day I find out that I am joining one of the most elite sororities ever known to mankind, and then I’m in labor and then BOOM! Just like that, it’s the senior year of high school and we are visiting colleges!

Ok, perhaps I exaggerated that timeframe a bit more than I should I have, but quite honestly it was in the same ballpark of the truth, right? Time surely flies when it comes to the little ones. While you may have a long road of ahead of you before reaching college applications, it’s only a short few years before its times to enroll your toddler in school.

Clearly, we can all agree on that. Before you know it, the choice of your toddler’s school has to be considered. Obviously, the specific will vary considering the age of your tot and of course your particular lifestyles, such as whether or not you’re a stay-at-home mom or a working mom.

The reassuring thing is that there is a school option of some sort that accommodates it all.

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A few things to consider when choosing your toddler’s school is exactly the type of school that you are looking to enroll in. The curriculum is important, as well. The research can be a bit overwhelming, so I’ve compiled a few basics to review before making the final decision on your toddler’s school.

Let’s break down the science of the schools and their educational approach.

Types of School


Homeschool, of course, is exactly what it sounds like, but it gives you the opportunity to have more of an influence in your toddler’s learning environment and the chance to monitor your child’s development much more closely than any other option.

Another option is Pre-K, which is extremely common as the first experience of a toddler’s schooling. This could be an easier transition, especially in the cases where the child may have attended the same facility during earlier years for childcare.

The Montessori

I had a friend once who stated she would be starting her teaching career at a Montessori. This was pre-mommy and nonetheless, I had no clue what a Montessori was, but I congratulated her on the new beginning to something, assumingly, great.

A few years later, I learned exactly what a Montessori was, and it is actually a school that is identified as such based on its educational philosophy. The Montessori method focuses on the learning capability of each child, as it is built on the belief that each individual learns at their own pace, and their progress should not be compared to their peers.

The Reggio Emilia and The Waldorf

The Reggio Emilia and The Waldorf Approach to learning are similar in the aspect that both expound on the creative abilities of children and exploration.  The Reggio Emilia more so focuses on creative thinking, while the Waldorf approach encourages imaginative learning and analytical thought.

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